Daddy’s Eyes

Believable and very likeable characters and an insight into the gritty reality of the music world make this an enjoyable, funny and compelling read. And, most importantly, what exactly WAS that embarrassing blooper that ended Alan’s career??

Fiona Valpy, best-selling author of The Cypress Maze

A hugely embarrassing and humiliating public mistake leads to a change of career direction for advertising executive Alan Fennemore. He’s presented with the opportunity to ghost-write the biography of one of the UK’s most enigmatic rock stars of the 70s, Tony McCall. But this is no hagiography. Tony’s cupboard is full of skeletons – skeletons Tony is determined to bring out into the open.

Pernkopf's Atlas - paperback

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Paperback novel by Carl Peter Hough

Twice-divorced middle-aged teacher Andy Roberts' life is on what feels like permanent hold. His job teaching History in Ballymoney Grammar is stifling him, his cold and emotionally distant father's ill-health requires his constant attention. He's going nowhere. The universe is conspiring though. His father's death reveals a mystery with its roots in postwar Germany Andy feels compelled to unravel. His quest is sidelined when another bombshell is dropped into his lap: his dying ex-wife presents him with a troubled 16-year-old son he knew nothing about. Andy's life is turned on its head. Is Andy doomed to repeat his own father's mistakes, or will solving the riddle of what happened in Occupied Germany bring redemption to father, father and son?

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