One about Tinnitus – Part 2

I’m not sure who was more nervous, me or the auditory healthcare professional who had tussled with the stubborn ear wax in round one. The prep had been assiduous. Oil had been dropped into both ears night and day for the full week leading up to the appointment. I was leaking extra virgin olive oil, my ears were bubbling and popping. I was optimistic of a positive outcome and – maybe – some mitigation of the tinnitus.

It was not to be. Not immediately anyway.

“This looks much softer,” she said and deployed the tiny hoover into orifice #1. After a few moments of suction, it was clear that nothing much had changed. The blockage was as resolute as it had been a week before. Out came the tiny spoon. And after some digging and scraping – some of it quite painful – the words I had been waiting to hear: “There you go.”

Put your finger next to it for scale

A healthcare professional

And there it was. An almost black stone-like meteorite of earwax from the dawn of time. It wasn’t long before the other ear was similarly liberated. I had to take a picture. Spoiler alert – it’s disgusting.

I know. You wish you could unsee that.

Regrettably, the tinnitus rages unabated, though I can hear background detail sound a lot more clearly now. I will be taking care of my ears properly from here on.

The quest for relief from the whistling in my head, however, continues.

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