Daddy’s Eyes

Believable and very likeable characters and an insight into the gritty reality of the music world make this an enjoyable, funny and compelling read. And, most importantly, what exactly WAS that embarrassing blooper that ended Alan’s career??

Fiona Valpy, best-selling author of The Cypress Maze

A hugely embarrassing and humiliating public mistake leads to a change of career direction for advertising executive Alan Fennemore. He’s presented with the opportunity to ghost-write the biography of one of the UK’s most enigmatic rock stars of the 70s, Tony McCall. But this is no hagiography. Tony’s cupboard is full of skeletons – skeletons Tony is determined to bring out into the open.

All I Ever Wanted

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Some say first love stays with you forever. It's the summer of 1978. When aspiring teenage rock star Paul Fox writes a song in the grip of an adolescent passion, he can have no idea that that song will go on to shape his whole career and, indeed, his life. As his fortunes and relationships ebb and flow, and triumphs and tragedies come and go, the song always reminds him of the great unresolved and unrequited love that inspired it, and the girl he wrote it for. Will Paul ever get closure or will what might have been be all he ever has?

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