‘The End’ is only the end of the beginning

Reviews = 5
Sales = 9

Kindle Store Best Sellers Rank: 117,938, 16,905 in Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store) and 24,137 in Contemporary Romance (Books)

Amazon Paperback Best Sellers Rank: 489,656 in Books, 10,190 in War Story Fiction, 12,449 in Military Romance, 29,712 in Travel & Tourism (?)

When you type The End at the end of your manuscript, there’s a profound feeling of ‘Phew, what’s next?‘ DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS. Writing your story, as I am finding out, is the first and probably easiest part. Once you start down the road of trying to bring a self-published book to market, you’ll be inundated with ads trying to sell you promotional services, many of them guaranteeing sales and other bounty. It can be disheartening. Did you really spend the best part of three years unburdening yourself of a story, only to have to spend another three years bringing it to people’s attention?

Well, no – you could get an agent, who could hook you up with a publisher who has people to do all that.

This is where we came in, no? No one has a God-given right to representation. Also, literary agents may love books and have a real passion for finding new authors, but they also need to eat. 10% or 20% of nothing remains nothing after all.

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